Our pedigree girls 2014


All our pedigree girls are chosen from working lines, and whilst we don't work them ourselves their parents are all active working dogs. We currently own three adult Golden Retrievers and six Cocker Spaniel girls, ranging in ages from 16 weeks old to a grown up 3 years old. We are currently on the look out for a chocolate Labrador puppy to add to our gang, hopefully for next Spring/Summer as the only Labrador we currently own is Crikey, and she is now retired but a permanent resident here with us. (photo of her below)

All girls have a great beginning before starting their health checks from 12 months on, and only bred from if they pass health checks, conformation and temperament tests. Max number of litters is three and that does depend on numbers of puppies in litters, and then having been neutered I do try to find them retirement homes, or they can stay here with us, whichever they are best suited too. 


KC reg Labrador Retrievers.




Crikey is currently our only Labrador, now retired, seen above with her F1 Labradoodle friend Kissy!



KC reg Golden Retrievers.







 Hazy at 10 weeks old.






 Scorch at 10 weeks old.


 Scorch at 7 months old.


Cocker Spaniels

Jazz - Lemon roan,  nearly 3yrs old, fully health checked and waiting for a first litter.

Licky - Chocolate, 2 yrs old, fully health checked.

Shoey - Lemon and white, 20 months old, currently awaiting results.

Couver - Chocolate roan, full sister to Jazz, fully health checked.

Boom  - Chocolate roan, just turned 1yr old and a full sister to Jelly, awaiting health checks.

Jelly - Lemon, just turned 1yr old and a fully sister to Boom, also awaiting health checks.

Photos of all the girls to follow. 

I love the working Cocker Spaniel, they are easy dogs to have brilliant fun and super easy to train.