Choosing your Puppy. 


Most people already have a good idea of what they are looking for when make contact, coat

type, male/female, colour, size, F1, F1'b and so on.  If you are unsure we are happy to advise.If

we have a puppy/puppies available that match your wish

list you are welcome to visit. The best time to view the puppies is from 5 weeks of

age onwards. Exceptions can be made! You are able to view both parents with their puppies in

a home environment. Ask as many questions as you like and allow a minimum of 1

hour,camera's welcome. Choosing a puppy is meant to be a positive experience so if you need

time to discuss with family members before you commit then feel free to do so, there is no

pressure to buy.


If you are ready however to make that 'dog for life' commitment,

congratulations and we move  onto the next stage.





Squid, F1 Labradoodle puppy!
















Reserving your  puppy.


We ask for a £200 cheque deposit to secure your puppy. You will be emailed a

list of recommended items to buy and things to do before collection. You will

also be asked to confirm a collection date.


Note - deposits are typically non refundable, however we understand that

sending a cheque for £200 to reserve a puppy that you have not yet seen apart

from in a few photos is a big ask if non refundable. So we will ask for a deposit

to reserve your puppy in those early days/weeks however when you visit us and

the puppies at the 5-6 week old you are welcome to your deposit back in full

should you not be happy with the puppy/puppies reserved, the set up or indeed

ourselves. It is after this point that the deposit is then non-refundable except in

extreme unforeseen circumstances!




Labradoodle puppies!














Collecting your puppy,


Hopefully time has passed quickly and you are all organised for your new family

member. Ideally early  in the morning is the time to collect your puppy as you have

all day to begin the settling in process and to start the new routine.

You will be given:

    Details on diet, past, present and future.

    Details on worming, Advocate treatments and vaccinations.

    Copies of all health records/certificates, including parents details if requested,

    4 weeks free insurance with petplan,

    Microchip number and all relevant paper work.

    Settling in sheet including details for house training, exercise etc. 

    You will be asked to settle the outstanding balance.


Finally you and your new puppy are free to go! 


F1b, Labradoodle puppy!















8 to 12 weeks is a very important developmental stage for puppies, we are happy to

keep your puppy for a maximum of 2 weeks after the recommended collection

date otherwise we suggest you wait for another available litter .


 F1 Labradoodle puppy!















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