Dylan, F1 Goldendoodle.



Here at Notjustany Old Labradoodles we also breed a couple of litters of  F1

Goldendoodles, which is, for us, a cross between a working Golden Retriever

and the Standard Poodle. We will only be breeding the F1 Goldendoodles, as our

main breeding program and long term plans are with the Labradoodles.

Goldendoodles are very similar to the Labradoodles in temperament, size and

looks however we like Goldendoodles  various shades of golden as the

name suggests. Standard height somewhere between 21" - 24".

They are clever dogs as both parent breeds are listed in the top 3 of most intelligent

dogs, so do require lots of stimulation, which is actually the same for most breeds,

large and small.

Again our aim is to produce happy, healthy, fun family companions.



 Bertie, F1 Goldendoodle.



We currently have 3 working line KC registered Golden Retrievers who have now all passed their health checks, all being well we aim to breed  2014. Will update as soon as we have results in.

Again both parents of any future puppies will be fully health checked, vaccinate and in top condition prior to being mated.



Buddy, F1 Goldendoodle.



  • All puppies are sold for £1000 and come with the following;
  • 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan,
  • 1st vaccination with health card,
  • Wormed and frontlined to date,
  • Treated with Advocate at 7 weeks,
  • Eye tested at a specialist animal eye clinic at 6 weeks,
  • Routine health checked at 7 weeks,
  • Microchipped,
  • Bred from health checked parents,
  • Weaned onto Arden Grange puppy food,
  • Bag of Arden Grange puppy food supplied,
  • Voucher for free sample of raw meat diet,  
  • Paperwork provided with all the above,
  • Plus information/advice on future diet/vaccinations/exercise,
  • Home reared and crate trained,

Advice available should you ever need it!



Rufus, F1 Goldendoodle.



For more information on our next litter of Notjustany Old Goldendoodles please

feel free to call/email.