This is a quick A to Z of dog info, sensible and random!

If you have any photos of your Labradoodle that matches the information I would love to add! Also any dog facts?




A:  Agility,  Labradoodles will do very well with agility, I look forward to one of our 

Labradoodles making the top grade!  


Labradoodles and agility





B: Bones: Our dogs love them, large cow bones fresh from the butchers.  


Labradoodle diets





BVA- British Veterinary Association.

General enquires; 0208 76366541


Barack Obama wants a Labradoodle!  But got a Portuguese water dog!



C: Crate training. We would recommend using a crate, for our labradoodles we

suggest a large size.  Different makes/model sizes vary but if space allows

aim for 24" high,  24" wide and 36" long as a minimum. Some people think they

are horrible and not for them, which is fine, but your dog will be put in a crate as

soon as they visit their vets for any future treatments, spaying etc, so well

worth your dog being used to one in their early days. Used correctly they are very




Labradoodles and crates



Collar's, dog have been wearing them since Egyptian times! Collar's with

some form of ID are a legal requirement in public place's.


D: Diet. We feed our own dogs a raw meat and vegetable diet, with added garlic

and various oils. However this is often not practical for the average pet 

owner, so all our puppies are reared on a dry complete puppy food.

They do love the raw meat so do treat them to a large bone, uncooked,

from your local butchers. Brilliant for the health of teeth and gums.

Human food scraps are fine but no high sugar/salt content! Avoid dairy

products as your dog maybe lactose intolerant.


Dogs were first domesticated over 12000 years ago.


Dogs have three eyelids.   


E: Exercise.  Labradoodles are fast to grow but slow to mature. Which means

they need time to develop and strengthen before the should be asked to 

take on too much exercise. Once they have reached this point however, 

they will happily join you in the exercise of your choice!




Labradoodles and exercise

Eye tests. We currently test all our puppies at a specialist animal eye hospital.

There is a window from 6 weeks of age to 12 weeks of age where their

eyes can be 'read' for any possible inherited diseases. So far 100%

pass rate! All our adult dogs have their eyes tested yearly, again so far

all clear. 


F: Flea/tick treatments. Frontline seems to be the best, seek advice from your



Fossils of dogs were found which date back to 10,000 bc.



G: Grooming, A quick brush over once a day is a great way to  keep your dog

looking good  also great time to check over for possible bumps

and lumps etc! Depending on the coat your Labradoodle has and

your own lifestyle choices finding a good dog groomer is essential.  



Labradoodles and grooming




Goldendoodle, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Should

a Goldendoodle be shades of only golden, or can they also be chocolate

and black?


Greyhounds are the worlds fastest dogs!


Gestation period in dogs is 9 weeks (63 days). 



H: Hip scores. Breeders wishing to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia should

choose stock with hip scores well within the breed mean scores. The best

place to direct you for more information The lower the

hipscore the better, so 0/0 is the best to a max score of 106, not good!

Notes to remember though, you as the new owners

have a major part to play in the healthy development of your puppy.

It is excepted that genetics, nutrition, exercise and trauma all play

their part. We as the breeders are responsible for the genetics and

early nutritional needs, and will offer advise as much as we can,

but you do to have responsibilities.

No dog can be hip scored until they reach the age of 12 months

minimum. The x ray is done under general anaesthetic, and the results

are then sent off to a panel of judges, who will score the x ray. You

can only ever have a hip score done once. If your results come back

over the BMS (breed mean score) this dog should not be bred from.


I:  Intelligence.  Dogs are intelligent, but will never be a match for us humans.

Some breeds are known to be cleverer than others, with poodles in the top 3, 

which means Labradoodles are clever dogs so have high expectations  for

your new puppy. Again remember they will take  advantage so keep your

windows of weakness hidden!


Inbreeding. No need?! It is the mating of 2 closely related dogs, ie; mother-son!


Insurance. All puppies leave here with 4 weeks insurance, free with Petplan.

Top tip, If you decide to continue insuring your puppy after the 4 weeks, and we

suggest you do, remember that some of the cheaper policies don't insure for life,

which is when your old dog is more likely perhaps to need some treatments.



J: January we are closed!



K: Kennel Club: Tel: 0844 46339800844 4633980

Every breed of dog that is registered with the Kennel Club has a

set description of how it should look, move and behave. The Labradoodle

has yet to achieve that status, perhaps it never will? We here are working on

a grading system, which is used in the equine world, Premier 1 down to



Kennel cough, Is not nice for the dog and very irritating for the owner! Any

dog can come into contact with the virus, whilst out walking etc etc, we

vaccinate all our dogs every year. The vaccine is administered in the form

of a nasal spray, by your vets, costing around £20 per dog. 



L: Labradoodles, All puppies/dogs are lovely and each to their own but

I have to say I am a fan of the Standard Labradoodle. I love the skeletal

compatibility of the Standard Poodles and the Labrador Retrievers.


Labrador Retriever, (K C breed description)

General appearance, strongly built, short coupled,  very active,

broad skull, broad and deep through chest and ribs, broad and strong 

through loins and hindquarters.

Characteristics, good tempered, very agile. Excellent nose, soft mouth,

keen love of water. Adaptable, devoted companion.

Temperament, Intelligent, keen and biddable with a strong will to

please. Kindly nature with no trace of aggression or undue shyness.

Size, Ideal  height at withers, dogs, 56-57 cms (22"), bitches, 55-56 cms.


Leominster eye clinic; Tel: 01568 61661601568 616616


Line breeding; Is where both the stud dog and the brood bitch carry closely

related forebears, but fall short of being in-bred.


List of  Labradoodle names;


Archie, Alfie, Angel, Amber, Arthur, Aussie, Alice, Arthur Guinness, Alvy,


Breeze, Buzz, Biscuit, Barney, Bertie, Bramble, Bindi, Bear, Bobby, Barkley,

Benson, Beardsley, Bronte, Bluebell, Bumpy, Beau, Bailey,


Cosy Toes, Cally, Cesar, Coco, Cookie, Callie, Casper, Copper, Chester, Chewy,


Duke, Doodle, Dudley, Dory, Darcy, Dangerous Stanley, Dougal, Dobbie,

Diddle, Dylan, Daisy, Dougal


Eric, Ernie,


Freddie, Fred, Flossy, Farley, Fergal, Finlay,


Guinness, Grizzly O'Leary, Glory Bee,


Harry, Henry, Holly, Hamish, Herbie, Hector




Jenna, Juanita, Jenny,


Kali, Kadbury,


Lucy, Lenny, Lupin, Lulu, Lilah, Lola


Maggie, Margo, Meg, Memphis, Monty, Mrs Brown, Marble, Muppet, Mill Bear,

Marly, Mabel, Mia, Max, Morris, Missy, Milo, Macey,


Nellie, Noodle,


Ozzy, Oscar, Olive, Oakley


Poppy, Phoebe, Pushkin, Patrick


Ruby, Roly, Rafa, Rosie, Rolo, Rusty,


Spooky, Shabbie, Shakespeare, Squid, Starbucks


Tilly, Truffle, Tjeya, Timber, Twiggy, Tallulah,




Woody, Wispa, Wilson, Waffle


Zack, Zilla




M: Moment; dogs live in the moment, they don't think of yesterday or tomorrow!


Microchipping. All puppies that leave here will be microchipped, and all

details are stored on a central database with petlog. 


N: Neutering. Obviously take you own vets advice on when is the best time.

We don't neuter any of our own dogs until they reach a minimum of nine

months old.


O:  Opinions, in the dog world, are mostly best kept to yourself! 


Odour, Labradoodles are not odour free!


Oldest dog, Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, aged 29 years 5 months!



P: Poodle Standard, (KC breed description)

General appearance, Well balanced, elegant looking with a very

proud carriage.

Characteristics, Distinguished by a very special clip for show

activity, and by a type of coat that does not shed.

Temperament, Gay-spirited and good-tempered.

Size, Standard poodle over 15 ", Miniature over 11"

but under 15" Toy under 11"


Pregnancy. Gestation period in dogs is  9 weeks, (63 days)


Puppies, everyone loves them!


Puppies are born blind, deaf  and toothless.


In the first week puppies spend 90% sleeping and 10% eating.


At 3 weeks a puppies sense of smell develops.


At 4 weeks a puppies immune systems starts to develop.


Puppies sleep for up to 14 hours a day.


Pet passports.




Labradoodles and travel



 Photo's, we love receiving them.


Price. We currently charge £900 for all our puppies, girls and boys!


Purpose, there has to be a purpose when you plan a litter. It is very hard,

if not impossible to breed 'something out', but easy to breed 'something in',

which can be good or bad, so careful consideration must be given with all

breeding programs. The aim is to improve.


Poo's, Please do your best to pick them up! Also dont allow your dog

to sniff other dogs poo, worm eggs can lie dormant and all they

need is to be sniffed up your dogs nose to begin the ugly cycle.


Please,  Please if you would like any of the photos featured on our website

could you ask us first. 


Q: Questions, ask as many as you like, we will do our best to answer.



R: Recommended reading;

Veterinary notes for dog owners.  

Anything by Cesar Milan.   

Labradoodle, Designer Dog series,  by  Miriam Fields-Babineau.

Give you dog a bone, by Dr Ian Billinghurst, and all other titles.

Doglopaedia, by JM Evans & Kay White.

Breed predisposition to disease in dogs & cats, by Alex Gough & Alison Thomas.



S: Shedding, Labradoodles do shed!  There are huge variations

between siblings and there are environmental factors that play their part.


Sex ; male or female? Personal preference I think, but on a practical note the boys

tend to get bigger than their sisters. When you come to the time of neutering

it is an easier, quicker and less expensive operation for the boys. My preference

is for the boys!


Smartest dogs are said to be Border Collies, Poodles, Golden Retrievers!     




T: Temperament, Labradoodles are meant to be completely non aggressive

towards everything and everybody. They are also happy to be in the position

that all dogs should be, and that is at the bottom, there are of course going

to be exceptions, this is more perhaps about the humans? 


Teeth; puppies have 28  baby teeth that start to come through at 3 weeks

old.  At 4-7 months the baby teeth fall out and they are replaced by 42

adult teeth.      


Temperature; dogs temperatures are between 100.2 - 102.8 fahrenheit.


Two dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic, a Pomeranian and a Pekinese!


U: UK dog population 2008 was 7.3 million. 


V: Vaccinations. All our adult dogs are fully vaccinated, and all receive their

annual boosters. Puppies require their 1st vaccination at 8 weeks old, and then

a 2nd vaccination 2 to 4 weeks later. Puppies should be kept away from public

places until 2 weeks after the the 2nd vaccinations. Seek your vets advice.



W: Weaning. All our puppies are weaned at 6 weeks old.  


Why a Labradoodle?   Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!


Website's we like:

Brilliant, quick, cheap name tags for your pets. 


Mr Site again brilliantly easy, quick and cheap website creator.

Perhaps not for most pet owners but worth a nosey!

Insurance for your pet.  

British Veterinary Association

Lots of advice on all aspects of dogs.

Online animal chemist.

Purpose built and custom made animal transit boxes.

Specialist animal eye clinic. This is where we take all

our dogs and puppies for their routine eye examinations.


Worming. All our dogs and puppies are wormed with either Drontal

tablets or Panacur paste.



X: Xmas puppies. Actually we have found like most holidays,

Christmas is a lovely time to collect your puppy. Everyone is

at home to share the early experience of your new  puppy and

to help put the new routine in place.   


Y: Dogs and wolves yawn as a sign of contentment! 



Labradoodles and contentment



Z:  Zoonosis is any infectious disease that is able to be transmitted from

animals, wild or domestic, to humans, or from humans to animals. So no

licking each others faces?!