......is where you will find us!




Crikey, Col Mustard, Glory Bee, Icy and Grizzly O''''Leary!

Col Mustard, Standard Poodle, and Peggy Sue.

Howdy Doody, Miniature Poodle.

Icy, Col Mustard and Peggy Sue.

Col Mustard, Standard Poodle.

Icy, F1 Labradoodle and Timber, Standard Poodle.

Crikey, Timber and Col Mustard.

Crikey, young Labrador!

Col Mustard, Standard Poodle.


Ebs, working Cocker Spaniel.

Col Mustard.

Sober, working Cocker Spaniel.

Passion and Crikey, both Labradors.

Sober and Glory Bee, F1''b.

Icy, F1 Labradoodle.

Kissy, F1 Labradoodle.

Grizzly O''Leary (F1b) and Peggy Sue (Golden Retriever).