Essentially we, and many others, are aiming to create a new UK recognised

breed, the Labradoodle, from the well established Labrador Retriever and the

Standard Poodle.There are many interpretations of what a Labradoodle is or

should be. Our type of Labradoodle is based on our own experience's and love

of dogs. Many people, like us, have amazing, unforgettable childhood memories

of their family dog and we would love to be the beginning of this experience for 

you and your family.

So, here at Not Just Any Old Kennels, we aim to produce happy, healthy, fun loving

family dogs that will join you in all outdoor activities whether that may be cycling,

sailing, walking, jogging, to name but a few, and when the exercise is over then is

the time to sit back and relax, making the perfect house dog!   


Juanita, F1 Labradoodle!











Whilst temperament and health are top priorities we are also working towards

breeding Labradoodles who will have low maintenance, minimal shedding coats.

As yet it is too early in our breeding program to give any guarantees regarding

allergies or coat types. We love the scruffy/wavy all over coat, with as much facial

hair as possible!

F1 Labradoodle puppies!

There are currently no breed standards in place for the UK Labradoodle, as

there are with Australian and American Labradoodles. We like our dogs to be of an

athletic build, with what we consider to have the correct  height/ length ratio. To help

us on our way to acheive this we breed from Standard Poodles and Labradors, the

Labradors which are selected from working lines. We are a long way from our

ultimate goal which would be to fix type, but it has been, and still proves to be a great



F1 Labradoodle puppy!

















'The aim of every dog breeder should be to produce pups which are capable

of breathing easily, exercising freely, mating and whelping naturally, living to a

reasonably ripe old age and, above all, fitting temperamentally into the modern

society in which they will have to exist.'


Extract taken from Veterinary Notes for Dog Owners

















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